Recent Record of Post Election Georgia


Recent Record of Post Election Georgia

October-November 2012

Since a current democratic parliament elections in Georgia won by the coalition “Georgian Dream” expectations of majority voters have drastically changed. Surely, people who expected sudden changes immediately claimed their worries, but those who are looking forward for a gradual transformation in internal politics and economy are concerned with at least strange steps performed by the newly elected parliament and new cabinet of ministers. Obviously, the best thing new authorities are doing is an arrest of their political counter-parts and distribution of executives from one to other office. Uncertain arrests and frivolous decision making policy forces society to think again, are newly elected authorities capable to make real innovations, or they are wrongdoers, who do not really know what to do?

Although previous authorities made mistakes related to the social and health policy, they’ve been obsessed with international politics and unfortunately failed in the internal issues, since the “revolution of roses” radical changes took place and Georgia slowly but steadily moved to the democracy and legal civil society. Wide range of reforms maintained in almost all parts of social life, educational and police reforms are peculiarly notable, economical activities took a fresh air, etc. But reforms were been extremely radical sometimes and too fast to be accepted by the currently shaped civil society. Thus, young reformers and their “shocking” innovations were been neglected by the large part of all age population. Easily to be matched – Georgian society is partly inert and partly conservative and rapid challenges offered by the “Nationalist Movement” made them furious. Therefore they thought and many think new legislature and executives will act modestly according to their personal interests: free health care, low taxation, free or cheap education, electricity and gas (both natural and petrol). But all socially oriented promises given by the new authorities are impossible in fact and even more the achievements of the previous government are under the risk of demolition. Uncertainty gradually overwhelms those who naively believed in new government’s ability to make life happier, while deposing their predecessors. Actually, activities delivered by the “Georgian Dream” are demonstrating inability to manage government and incapacity to execute legal reforms.  Instead of positive and necessary reforms they depict political retaliation and managerial ignorance.

Consequently, If I would estimate recent realities I should emphasize following:

Georgia passed through the democratic elections and new government peacefully stepped in to the office.

Majority of votes are satisfied – celebrating victory.

Growing part of “GD” supporters felt in prostration in case of expected innovations been abolished or still are in virtual progress.

Internationally Georgia gained a name of successful democracy.

Internationally the West is surprised by the free elections and is obscured by the policy of new government simultaneously. Bizarre political and economic declarations of new top authorities have confused many.

Russia shows no concern?

The nation has enough time to evaluate its own decisions and achievements of last decade.

Defeated party looks like is going to rethink its former actions – fails and accomplishments.

Time of international performance is over, and a time of self-estimation is an issue of the day.

Tina Agnus

Citizen of Georgia

26 November 2012

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